Newest Games!

Soul Tamer KiKi

Coming soon! Cute, tough RPG action! iPhone and iPad! Take on the powers of the creatures you defeat! One of the best RPG on iOS.

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia

Epic RPG action adventure! Now on iTunes and Android Market. Four charaters to play!

Fantastic Knight

Epic RPG action! For you iPhone! Check iTunes now! Role Playing adventures in you hand! Two characters to play!

You're The Chicken Mogul!

Most challenging business sim and tycoon game you're ever going to play! Create your own fried chicken empire and control all aspects.

Juice 'Em Up

Create your own juice empire! Match-3, time-management, business simulation! iPhone and iPad. iTunes now!

Fruit Juice Tycoon 2

Bigger, better, juicier than the original. RPG, match-3, time-management! A huge, challenging, enjoyable game. At the Apple App Store Now!